Our process is designed so that you walk away from the meetings informed, educated and with a clear understanding of next steps. From the introductory meeting to periodic reviews, you will receive a personal touch and level of commitment to service that is rarely seen in an era of robo-advisors and customer service hotlines. 

  Introductory meeting

The initial meeting is free, and there is no obligation to proceed to a second meeting. It is simply an introduction and is used to get to know each other and to determine if there is a good “fit."

  Facts and feelings gathering

The facts and feelings gathering process is used to determine your goals, objectives and outlook regarding your financial life.


Once we prioritize needs and identify solutions, we will help you choose the best direction for your situation.


Once a plan is implemented, we monitor your progress. You receive quarterly performance reports and have online access to your accounts.  Additionally, we can meet with you at least quarterly to update you and provide you with the opportunity to update us regarding changes in your life or your goals.